About Us

The History of Bitcoin Kiwi System

Bitcoin Kiwi System offers zero costs, excellent charting, 24/7 trading, and the 100% security of a licensed broker with a segregated account while trading Bitcoin.

Our software provides analysis, data, and research. We are the major provider of institutional-grade, highly compliant data solutions, thanks to our experience and skills. Additionally, we created a generic taxonomy for cryptographic assets based on our substantial data and expertise.

Institutional Trading of the Future

The capital markets and client expectations are being transformed by blockchain technology. Our institutional-grade trading platform allows banks, discretionary, and quantitative funds to fully realize the value of digital and crypto-assets.

By reformatting liquidity through market-wide execution connectivity, we ensure the optimal execution for your clients. Bitcoin Kiwi System is the market leader in commercial trading and execution infrastructure, as well as investment management for both digital and traditional assets, thanks to seamless connections with top banking institutions.

Why Bitcoin Kiwi System?

Full Trade Lifecycle

Our one-stop institutional trading framework facilitates every stage of the process, from order decision to best execution across numerous venues, as well as smooth payment and custody reconciliation, thanks to our technology partners.

Countless Combinations

Choose which data providers or partners to trade with, create your own workflow or trading logic, and integrate our trading platform effortlessly into your existing frameworks.

Insurance Protection

We use best-in-industry cold storage coverage with premier insurance providers for all crypto housed online in our exchange wallet.

Flexible Platform

We recognize that each organization has its own preferences in terms of appearance, process, and capabilities. Institutions can use our solutions in one of two ways: they can use our core best-practice set-up or they can personalize it to match their specific needs.

Compliance, Safety, and Security

Bitcoin Kiwi System is a licensed trust firm that is subject to regular bank examinations.